Grants in Education :: Application Information

In January 2011 the Fleishhacker Foundation announced a new framework for the Precollegiate Education grantmaking program focused on K-5 literacy. Grants are  awarded to Bay Area organizations whose work is primarily focused on providing literacy services to disadvantaged public school students. Annual grantmaking in this program takes place at the spring board meeting, for program activities during the coming school year.

The application form includes general organizational and financial information, and a supplemental narrative description of the literacy program(s). The applications need not be framed in a project-specific manner beyond supporting core literacy activities.

By focusing our limited dollars in one core area, we believe our funding can have more impact on the field. The Foundation will also be able to deepen its expertise in this area and better share knowledge gained through the important work of our grantees.

We launched the Literacy Initiative in recognition of the educational achievement gap of at-risk students, particularly those in large urban school districts with low-income backgrounds. We are supporting programs that improve early reading readiness, grade-level attainment by the end of 3rd grade, and students leaving 5th grade ready for the more challenging work of middle and high school (including college preparatory courses) – all key markers for future success in school and life. This is a difficult time of diminished resources for public education and great stresses on the system. The Foundation’s Education Committee believes that the new focus area is the most effective way at this time to help those who are making a long term difference in the educational lives of disadvantaged children in our community.


  • Focusing funding on a core competency in elementary school education which affects the future educational and life opportunities of each child;
  • Helping students who are behind, or in danger of falling behind, improve their reading and writing skills;
  • Supporting disadvantaged students, primarily those attending public schools, in achieving grade-level competency.


  • Grants will primarily be made to nonprofit community-based organizations providing direct literacy services to students;
  • Priority will be given to school-day, classroom-based programs, and those serving a significant number of students;
  • Grants will be awarded to organizations whose primary overall mission is academic support for disadvantaged and/or at-risk students, or whose programming is largely concentrated in this area;
  • The Foundation will look more favorably on applicants whose board evidences strong support for the organization both in terms of the percentage of board members making annual gifts, and the total amount of board giving represented in contributed income.


Grants will not be made to individual public, independent, or parochial schools. Grants will not be considered for other types of academic support programs (e.g. math or science), arts education, career-development, homework help, study skills, or general after-school enrichment programs.

Grants for teacher professional development are not the Foundation’s current priority, but may be considered on a case-by-case basis if they are specifically literacy-based and serving a large number of teachers.


In order to review an application, the Foundation needs the following:

  1. Completed Application Information Form.
  2. Completed Grant Proposal Narrative; note this need not be project-specific and can reflect the organization’s annual K-5 literacy activities.
  3. Current year’s literacy program budget.
  4. Current year’s organizational budget.
  5. Last year’s completed financial statement or audit.
  6. Organizational overview.
  7. Board List with affiliations.
  8. Evidence of tax-exempt status.
  9. Up to 6 supporting documents such as letters of support, press articles, program evaluations.